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If you ever come to one of my bootcamps you will find I am a big believer in bodyweight exercises (It is not all bodyweight) the reason behind this is because bodyweight exercises can be done anytime & anywhere they do not cost anything and a 20-25 minute bodyweight exercise workout is very, very effective.

These exercises can be done at your own pace the harder you work the more calories you will burn, but do not forget to do the exercises properly as 10 perfect reps are better than 20 bad ones.


A large percentage of the population spend huge amounts of their working life in sendentery positions, so spending an hour in the gym sitting on equipment working out so bodyweight exercises call for much more than that by challenging broader muscle groups than when you are sat down you cannot reach, an added bonus to bodyweight workouts is they combine different elements of fitness and in a short duration thy can be very effective. You are more likely to keep up exercise routine if it does not become a chore to do so a short intense bout of bodyweight exercise maybe the thing for you.


You may find that one bodyweight exercise has lot of different varieties some will be more advanced than others it is up to you to choose the right variation for you, the more you progress the more difficult i would recommend the as if you stay with the same exercise things will become tedious and boring your fitness ability will also plateau this can cause you to give up. What I would recommend is always keep pushing your fitness levels in a safe and healthy manner, push to be a better you. Just remember exercise does not just help the physical aspect it also plays a big part in your mental wellbeing.


Of course to get you started I would always recommend my bootcamps www.bootcamp-northeast.co.uk there are a couple of workouts in the video section for you to try. All the videos on my site are done so you do not need equipment so there goes that excuse, no time, get up 15 -20 mins earlier there goes that excuse, working out early puts you in a better frame of mind to start the day. Once you get into a habit (because that's what it needs to become) you will enjoy working out as you will start to feel all the benefits of exercise quickly. Also remember you can change the style you workout to you can do a workout of repetitions, you can do tabata 8 rounds of 20s work with 10s rest or even HIIT(high intensity interval training) there are so many ways you can change things to keep them fresh.

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