How to shed unwanted lbs
AND get control of your cravings!
Learn the simple Formula to END FOOD CRAVINGS
And fit into those old jeans within 12 weeks

Listen, It’s not your fault high calorie addictive food is everywhere.


Science has proven that food can be as addictive as cocaine.​

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I am going to show you the eternal solution for lifelong yoyo dieters

Habitual Discipline -
A 12 Week Transformation

Habitual Discipline is a 12 week system that will put a stop to your yoyo diets for the rest of your life and have you back into your old jeans within 3 months. No more 'starting my diet Monday'.

In trial runs, during total lock down of spring 2020, this simple to follow, 12 week formula reduced body weight and food cravings in a matter of days whilst still allowing you to eat 3 or more full and satisfying meals a day.

​In fact, if you start now you could have those junk food craving impulses completely under control by next weekend!


What you will get 

1. The 12 Week Habitual Discipline program with a weekly consultation  - Each coaching session is designed to fit easily into your busy life and will take you one step closer to hunger craving freedom.

2. The Habitual Discipline Diet & Exercise System - tackling your cravings is one thing to make lasting change we will change your habits. Over the 12 weeks you will become, stronger, more active & discover a new way of eating.

3. The Habitual Discipline members area - As a member you’ll receive 12 weeks access to Foxercise private members area. Your program plus all coaching, trainings and progress tracking will live here. Meet others on the same journey and join the community.

4. Fitness mobile app - Have full access to your coach Dean, with all your trainings, coaching and more in your pocket.




Habitual Discipline is a simple 12 week program that will:

Give you the confidence to resist addictive foods - You’ll learn a simple behavior that will give you the strength to resist even the most addictive junk foods.

Establish satisfying new eating habits - You’ll be shocked by this tasty, nutritious way of eating that takes all the thinking out of meal preparation and portion control.

Support every step of the way - You’re not alone. You’ll be supported by a qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach, specializing in behavior change.




And just to sweeten the deal, the first 10 people to join the The Habitual Discipline revolution each month will receive FREE 5 days bootcamp before starting to have your program tailored to you. And you’ll get it all today for just one payment of £99 That’s correct, for less than your daily cup of coffee your can put an end to your cravings for fatty, salty and sugary foods! And be in the shape of your life before summer. Don’t delay, I can only take on 10 new clients at a time, once these slots are filled, you’ll miss the opportunity to finally put an end to the cravings that have been plaguing you all these years.