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Exercise Classes

Here at Foxercise, we offer the most diverse exercise Classes in Newcastle where two sessions are never the same. No matter what your level of fitness, we can accommodate you.

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Online Boot Camp

We offer diverse boot camps in Newcastle where every session is recorded and available online, giving you no excuse to miss out on your classes.

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Weight Management

An ongoing programme that will put a stop to your yoyo diets for the rest of your life and have you back into your old jeans within 3 months.

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Online Boot Camp

In need of an amazing online boot camp in Newcastle? Look no further, as we offer the best online boot camp in Newcastle.

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About Foxercise

Foxercise is the company that will bring the fun back into fitness whilst challenging all levels of ability in a fun, friendly environment.

Bootcamps have never been so advanced. We can now help you strive to hit your goals from the comfort of your own home, as well as indoor and outdoor classes at Blue Flames Sporting Club.

What ever your goals are weight loss, maintaining your fitness or pushing it to the next level we will make sure you are pushed and supported.


We love to make things easier for you! At Foxercise, we maintain a large catalogue of boot camp resources to provide you with an in-depth and well-researched boot camp service. We pride ourselves on helping you whether that be through exercise classes, personal training, or online boot camp services. We will help you improve both the physical and mental aspects of your life.

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Reviews From around the web

Thank you so much Dean Fox for keeping us motivated during these tough times and for arranging some amazing live online Bootcamp sessions for us. These are free and anyone can join in, either live or later when it suits them. I much appreciate you keeping our fitness levels up and more importantly, our spirits and mental wellbeing

Heather Slowey

Excellent Bootcamp. Dedicated instructor who gets 100% out of you. Sessions vary which keeps you motivated to give 100% back.

Tracy Cairns

Brilliant week at bootcamp this week! Great instructor and great group of people. Every session has been different and all exercises can be adapted to ability level. Would highly recommend

Rachel Jayne

No matter what level of fitness, Dean is focused on helping you achieve your goals. Excellent, varied workouts and good banter thrown in to distract from the tough times! Can't recommend enough! Thank you Dean!

Zoe Glover

Great motivational trainer who always gives options to encompass all levels of fitness and abilities!! In this tough time of lockdown, all sessions are free of charge which is amazing to help not only with our physical fitness but our mental state as well. Really appreciate everything you are doing Dean

Marie Robson

Dean really keeps you motivated even when the sessions are tough! Lots of variety and he plans ahead to keep workouts interesting, but also ensuring you can work at your own level.

Emma Picknett